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Privacy Policy

ICR Clinical Research Hospital Tokyo (hereinafter referred to as “the hospital”) always complies with laws and regulations on personal information protection and related guidelines to protect the rights and interests of individuals. The hospital also has established regulations based on that, and will implement and continue our efforts to protect personal information.

  • 1.Personal information collection, use and provision

Personal information submitted to us will be only used for the following purposes

[Purposes of use of personal information]

  • ・Provide medical treatment for patients etc. (Including Clinical trials, Medical examination, Cooperation with other medical institutions, Response to inquiries from other medical institutions, Request for opinion or advice from an external doctor etc., Out-of-hospital prescription, Medical checkup subcontracting, explanation of medical condition to family members, Office procedure of medical insurance)
  • ・Matters of hospital management such as admissions and discharges of patients.
  • ・Medical accident reporting or investigation
  • ・Consultation or report about doctor liability insurance etc.
  • ・Employment management.
  • ・Trainings for medical staff or medical students

In addition, we will not use the personal information beyond the purposes except for the following cases.

  • ・When the patient's consent is obtained
  • ・When the personal information is processed and used in the condition that individual ID can’t be identified.
  • ・When required by laws, etc. The hospital wouldn’t provide the information to the third party without permission of patients except as required by law. /li>
  • 2.Proper management of personal information and safety measures

In order to keep the personal information accurate and up-to-date, the hospital strives to prevent leakage, loss, destruction, falsification or unauthorized access to personal information. We also will take prompt corrective action if any problems occur.

  • 3.Confirmation, correction, suspension of use of personal information, or provision and disclosure of medical information

The hospital will respond appropriately according to the procedures which specified separately when the patient requests confirmation, correction or suspension of use of personal information, or when it is requested to provide or disclose medical information.

  • 4.Education and continuous improvement

The hospital thoroughly educates and trains staff on personal information protection, and continuously reviews regulations which specified separately to maintain and improve the personal information protection system.

  • 5.Contact us via inquiry form

Please contact the representative listed below for inquiries regarding your personal information.

◊Clinical trial counseling room Director Hiroyuki Fukase TEL:03-3355-7200 FAX:03-3355-2311